The wines of Alto Adige, in tweets

Tramin winery, looking out over tramin vineyards

Tramin winery, looking out over tramin vineyards

Technology can be a double-edged sword. Always-on internet and social media allow us to network and broadcast as never before, but that immediacy can sometimes be problematic.

At last year’s European Wine Bloggers Conference, the organisers went to great pains to ensure that we delegates had a near-constant wifi connection, enabling us to blog, tweet, like and share almost everything that happened at the conference in real time. Mostly this was genius, demonstrating an excellent return-on-investment to the very generous conference sponsors in Brescia and beyond. Occasionally when things went wrong (food arriving late or not at all, at the gala dinner), the torrent of carefully tagged and rather barbed tweets (being streamed onto a large screen for all to see) was, one suspects, somewhat embarrassing for the conference organisers.

Still, the high availability of wifi and its concomitant effects possibly reached their zenith on an all-day trip to Italy’s Northerly Alto Adige region. Our coach load of 25 wine nuts had its very own wifi engineer who travelled patiently with us all day, ensuring a high-quality connection on the two hour bus trip, at the wineries and even at our restaurant over lunch (delivered via a 3G-wifi bridge, I believe). This enabled a level of real-time twitter reportage that varied from the useful and well observed, to the plainly absurd and obsessive.

Since others have provided a detailed rundown of this splendid day (Notably Alexandra CorvoKatie Myers, Andrew Barrow and Paola Tich) , with far more enlightening tasting notes than I could muster, I offer for your delectation instead the day as told to twitter:

The early start was made more painful for some who were overly enthusiastic the night before . . .


[email protected] #ewbc in Italy today it is Alto Adige :
 Sun Oct 16 07:37:38


[email protected] Okay, with the help of few hours of sleep I move on to Breakfast and then off to Alto Adige! #EWBC
Sun Oct 16 07:42:47

[email protected] Claps as our coach finally leaves for Alto Adige. Yay! #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 08:46:47

[email protected] Would have missed the alto adige trip if it didn’t leave on Gabriella Mean Time #ewbc #lucky
Sun Oct 16 08:50:01

[email protected]_pl Is there anyone surprised we’re 45 minutes late on the bus to alto addige? #EWBC
Sun Oct 16 08:50:33

[email protected] pleased that we’re visiting Tramin on our Alto-Adige outing #ewbc #ewbc2011
 Sun Oct 16 08:52:43


Some people were still harking back to the late change in the gala dinner menu the night before:

[email protected] Dreaming with Pizza, let see if they got it #altoadige #Ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 09:02:09 2011

[email protected] #EWBC #altoadige Possibly the most scenic gas stop ever. Love this place.
 Sun Oct 16 10:38:48


Others were not quite ready for the first wine tasting of the day (11am):

[email protected]_scribbler At border of alto adige… so ten minutes until first wines of the day! #ewbc (but no coffee)
  Sun Oct 16 10:42:10

[email protected] #EWBC Welcome to South Tyrol! Magnificent. Where’s the coffee?????????
 Sun Oct 16 10:45:59

[email protected] The barrista at lunch yesterday was offended when I asked for cafe lungo. Can’t taste the terroir apparently.#ewbc #italy
 Sun Oct 16 10:52:00

  @sipswooshspit Given that we are now in a part of Italy that used to be Austria, I imagine everything will now run on time #ewbc
  Sun Oct 16 10:46:02

  @LouiseHurren crazy architecture alert at Tramin #ewbc
  Sun Oct 16 11:54:54


Epic tasting at Tramin

Epic tasting at Tramin

Anyone who was expecting a quick race through half a dozen wines was in for a shock . . .

[email protected]_pl #ewbc time to taste some wine! (@ Cantina Tramin Kellerei)
 Sun Oct 16 12:02:33

[email protected] Tastiiiing! #ewbc (@ Cantina Tramin Kellerei w/ @viniculture_pl) [pic]:
  Sun Oct 16 12:12:14
 @wine_scribbler And a tasting… train, alto adige #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 12:13:29
 @Diane_Letulle View from the Tramin winery tasting room #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 12:17:42
@WineCoMN #EWBC Drinking some 2002 Pinot Grigio and loving it. #acidityrocks
 Sun Oct 16 12:35:31
[email protected]_Letulle 2006 Tramin Stoan: Chard, SB, Gewürz & Pinot Bianco blend – delicious minerality, lychees, great acid – love this #EWBC #AltoAdige
 Sun Oct 16 12:36:02
 @wine_scribbler Tramin unterebner pinot grigio… ummm, not bad… #ewbc 🙂 even at 30US dollars…
 Sun Oct 16 12:39:53
 @KatieDrinksWine Tramin Stoan is pretty remarkable, particularly 2006 and 2004. Chardonnay-dominated blend (60ish%). High acid. Love Alto Adige! #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 12:41:48

 @WineCoMN #EWBC 2010 Montan Sauvignon Blanc is like Austria meets Italy … Yum!!!
 Sun Oct 16 12:47:01

By wine #20, some of us were beginnning to flag . . .

 sipswooshspit Five flights of Nussbaumer Gewurtz next at Tramin. @simonjwoolf is hanging in there.. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 12:52:35

 @simonjwoolf[email protected] by a thread. Reds and sweets are helping.#ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:26:06

[email protected] Tramin logo: a triumph of clarity over clutter #ewbc #mostdesignsavvycoopiveevervisited
 Sun Oct 16 12:52:51
[email protected] @sipswooshspit For sure! Super-impressed with wines at Tramin so far. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 12:54:00
[email protected]_scribbler Goodness this mix of honeysuckle, sweet pea & violets can only be a gewurz… tramin nussbaumer 2010… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 12:54:53
[email protected] And now for 2010, 2009, 2006, 2003, 2001 Nissbaumer Gewürztraminer (Tramin’s most important wine) #EWBC #getready
 Sun Oct 16 12:56:38

It wasn’t only the wines that were grabbing people’s attention

 @sipswooshspit @KatieDrinksWine the winemaker’s quite dashing too… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 12:56:47
[email protected] If I could bottle this and wear it… I’d probably be followed by a swarm of bees. Extolling the virtues of gewürztraminer… #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 12:59:16
[email protected]_scribbler Diane is getting giggly… someones tired… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:01:13
[email protected]_scribbler Think I prefer them younger… I’M TALKING ABOUT THE WINE (nussbaumer gewurz 2010/2009/2006/2003/2000) #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:03:39
[email protected]_Letulle @wine_scribbler double entendres x 2 = nearly losing the mouthful of wine #EWBC #giggles
 Sun Oct 16 13:04:01
[email protected] @wine_scribbler @sipswooshspit Well when the wines match the beauty of our surroundings… 😉 #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:04:11
 @LouiseHurren ok, I confess: I’m swallowing a little bit #ewbc #gewurzvertical
 Sun Oct 16 13:04:41
 @simonjwoolf Such fine finishes on the tramin white wines #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:10:00
[email protected] @KatieDrinksWine @wine_scribbler But there is a suppleness that comes with age… #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:10:55
[email protected]_Letulle Nussbaumer label of Gewürztraminer from Tramin is their most important wine – tasting thru 5 from last decade, I’m really impressed #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:12:14
[email protected]_Letulle Now cut that out you two @wine_scribbler @katiedrinkswine #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:14:35
[email protected] With @zone41 and @andrerib tasting Pinot Noir en #Tramin ! #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:14:50

As we moved to reds and sweet wines, stomachs began to rumble

 @simonjwoolf I’m so hungry I may have to munch the tannins in the Tramin pinot. Too delicate to be filling… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:15:34
[email protected] @simonjwoolf pizza? #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:16:36
@viniculture_pl Is it the time, we should start using #PIZZA tag? #EWBCplease… Correct me if I’m wrong;)
 Sun Oct 16 13:18:32
[email protected] @simonjwoolf I need some mangables too! #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:19:11
[email protected] All I can smell is a black cherry cobbler in the Lagrein. Much more structure and tannins on the palate, though. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:20:29
[email protected]_Letulle Drinking Lagrein as I look out at the Dolomite mountains of Alto Adige…content #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 13:20:55
[email protected] Loving the Tramin lagrein. Dark fruit, crunchy but v well managed tannins. Mineral finish. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:21:45
[email protected] @viniculture_pl you are not wrong.#ewbc #pizza
 Sun Oct 16 13:23:20
[email protected] Gewurz late harvest 2009 Terminum: utterly Crunchy bar #honeycomb #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:23:24
[email protected]_scribbler Late harvest terminium gewurztraminer? Well, I don’t mind if i do… 2009 and 2006 you say? #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:23:46
[email protected]_pl Yay! Sweets are on the table :] woot!!! #EWBC #ilovehoney w / @aleksimehtonen @LouiseHurren @KenPayton
Sun Oct 16 13:23:50

[email protected] The 06 late harvest traminer by Tramin is quite good. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:27:22
@sipswooshspit Audible sounds of pleasure as @AlexandraCorvo tastes the Tramin Terminum late harvest 09 #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:27:27
[email protected]_pl @simonjwoolf thank you!;) that’s why they gave us dessert;)))) #ewbc #nopizzatoday #pizza
 Sun Oct 16 13:27:28
@AlexandraCorvo tasting in tramin winery in alto adige #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:28:10
[email protected]_scribbler I am swallowing not spitting – THE WINES!! #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:28:38
[email protected]_Letulle I always swallow the stickies RT @wine_scribbler: I am swallowing not spitting – THE WINES!! #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:30:52
 @AlexandraCorvo Sorry guys RT @sipswooshspit Audible sounds of pleasure as @AlexandraCorvo tastes the Tramin Terminum late harvest 09 #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 13:31:40


Lunch at Seehofkeller

Lunch at Seehofkeller

Lunch at the Seehofkeller proved to be rather a hit . . .


[email protected]_scribbler Lunch in the glorious sun overlooking a beautiful lake. It’s quite nice…#ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 14:35:58

[email protected] #EWBC Life is good. Really good.
 Sun Oct 16 15:05:15
[email protected] Lunch at Seehofkeller. Stunning views, great wine, colourful food #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 15:10:58
[email protected][email protected]_Letulle is in a strudel coma 🙂 #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 15:16:47
[email protected]_pl I’m sorry to say that, but #AltoAdige #EWBC trip is just having the best food during the conference 😛 #nopizzaplease
 Sun Oct 16 15:21:41
[email protected] This is really nice #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 15:51:46


Vineyards at Terlan

Vineyards at Terlan

Somewhat exhausted, we drove to the day’s second winery – Terlan, near Bolzano. And only two hours behind schedule.

[email protected]_pl Vertical tasting is about to begin #ewbc #altoadige (@ Terlano) [pic]:
 Sun Oct 16 16:13:01

[email protected]_scribbler A wine tasting? What now? Ok then… let’s get it going.. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:15:54

[email protected] #EWBC interesting (and wonderful): Terlan tastes it’s crisp whites from Riedel Vinum Burgundy stems (my favorite).

 Sun Oct 16 16:19:31

[email protected] Cantina Tralan -tasting view – #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:25:27

Terlan’s speciality is its library of older vintages – of white wines . . .

[email protected] Terlan 2006 Pinot Bianco Reserva from MAGNUM. Never had Pinot Biancos like this before. Chalky nose. #acid #character #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 16:29:36 

[email protected]_scribbler terlan tasting these old pinot biancos in magnum 2004 & 1999 are rather special… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:34:23
 @aleksimehtonen Amazing tasting coming up. Vintages from 1959 to 2011 with @winedefenders #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:34:25

And when we say old

 sipswooshspit We’re on the 1987 Terlan Vorberg Pinot Bianco #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:46:54

[email protected] #EWBC This is what an amazing 52 year old Alto Adige Pinot Bianco looks like!
 Sun Oct 16 16:48:25
[email protected] Terlano Pinot Bianco 1987 #ewbc #altoadige
 Sun Oct 16 16:48:30

We mean *really* old

[email protected] Here comes the 1959 terlano pinot bianco #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:49:04
[email protected] Terlan Pinot Bianco 1987 smells like marmalade on toast #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 16:50:45
[email protected] 1959 smells of candied mangoes, butterscotch, mushroom. Oxidative on the palate, almost like a sherry. Oldest wine I’ve tasted. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 16:51:56
[email protected] Only 220 bottles of the 1959 left in stock. #crazy #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 16:51:56
[email protected] Terlan Pinot Bianco 1959 so old there’s no label! #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 16:55:05

This tasting wasn’t just about vintage Pinot Bianco though

[email protected] #EWBC At Terlan …. Oh, there’s more! Thought the 1959 was the end. Another 12 to go! #lovewater
 Sun Oct 16 16:55:41
[email protected]_pl #AltoAdige trip has just started swallowing;) throw out spittoons! #EWBC #FTW #Terlan
 Sun Oct 16 16:56:36
[email protected] The 59 pinot bianco Terlano was purely amazing!! #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 16:57:57
[email protected] #EWBCdid anybody dump the 1959? Hope not.
 Sun Oct 16 16:58:53
[email protected] Terlano Pinot Bianco 1959 is an EPIC wine! #humbled #ewbc #fb
Sun Oct 16 17:00:30
[email protected] @WineCoMN Hanging onto it to see what it tastes like just before we leave. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:00:58

The Chardonnays also had considerable staying power

[email protected] Terlano Chardonnay 1994 and 1996 #altoadige #ewbc #tasting
 Sun Oct 16 17:01:15
[email protected] Down to my throat. RT @WineCoMN: #EWBCdid anybody dump the 1959? Hope not.
 Sun Oct 16 17:02:43
[email protected] Perfecting obnoxious aeration sounds and spitting techniques. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:03:19
[email protected] Terlano Chardonnay 1994 and 1996 #altoadige #ewbc #tasting
 Sun Oct 16 17:01:15
[email protected] Down to my throat. RT @WineCoMN: #EWBCdid anybody dump the 1959? Hope not.
 Sun Oct 16 17:02:43
[email protected] Perfecting obnoxious aeration sounds and spitting techniques. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:03:19
[email protected]_scribbler I say old boy that terlano chardonnay 1996 is rather pleasant… #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:04:50
[email protected] #EWBC #Terlan great photos on the handouts, too!
 Sun Oct 16 17:19:40

And the Sauvignons weren’t too shabby either

[email protected] Green pepper & cumin in a 91 sauv blanc. Huh. Who knew? #EWBC #Terlan
 Sun Oct 16 17:23:11
[email protected] @WineCoMN I LOVE your wife’s tasting notes. And they’re dead-on. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:23:13
[email protected] Now a 1991 sauvignon from terlano. Still fresh, creamy, gunflint. V v long.#ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:23:17
[email protected]_scribbler The older vintage terlano sauvignon 1991 not really to my taste but the 2008 in magnum is wonderful #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:25:10
[email protected] #EWBC Group at #Terlan starting to lose it. Long day lots of tasting and sudden jibberish in the room. #holdittogether
 Sun Oct 16 17:26:43

[email protected] Like the Duracell bunny the acidity in Terlan’s wines lasts for years, based on evidence in today’s tastings #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:29:46

[email protected] #EWBC best flight of the week … Yum.
 Sun Oct 16 17:34:07

Terlaner is the classic white blend of the region

 @KatieDrinksWine Terlaner tastes and smells like perfume. In a good way. 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chard, 10% Sauvignon Blanc. #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:35:29

[email protected] My year up next, 1986 Tarlaner #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:37:52
[email protected]_pl I’m really impressed by the knowledge of people leading tastings about each and every bottle tasted. Kudos! #omg #EWBC #AltoAdige
 Sun Oct 16 17:39:14
[email protected] @aleksimehtonen You’re such a young one! #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:39:37
[email protected] #EWBC we gonna party like it’s 1999! (Nova Domus Terlaner Riserva, magnum, to be exact)
 Sun Oct 16 17:40:18
 @aleksimehtonen If you have ever wondered how I smell and taste, try the 86 Terlaner. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:42:47

 @simonjwoolf Another vintage terlano.1986 terlaner (traditional blend of p bianco, chard, sauc). We brits love decreptitude #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:44:21

@WineCoMN #EWBCAcidity is king. Proven today.
 Sun Oct 16 17:50:02

The Terlan tasting was without question the standout flight of the whole three day conference

[email protected] Man, this is the big league. #almostthere #eversoslightpalatefatigue #EWBC #AltoAdige
 Sun Oct 16 17:50:14
[email protected] Here come the Lagreins! #EWBC #AltoAdige #Terlan
 Sun Oct 16 17:51:27
[email protected]_scribbler This lunare gewurztraminer 2009 with just a touch of sugar – 4.5g – gets a huge thumbs up from this end of the room. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:51:38

[email protected] I think it’s safe to say, we won’t be back by 7.30. But what a FABULOUS day at Tramin and Terlan #ewbc #altoadige
 Sun Oct 16 17:52:05
[email protected] #ternaler whites are like a time machine #EWBC
 Sun Oct 16 17:55:01

Tasting notes for such venerable wines were frequently imaginative

[email protected] #EWBCParents: when I say a wine has a slight “diaper genie” undertone on the nose, do you know what I’m talking about?!?
 Sun Oct 16 17:55:31
[email protected] Agreed! RT @wine_scribbler lunare gewurztraminer 2009 w/ touch of sugar – 4.5g – gets a huge thumbs up from this end of the room. #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 17:56:34
 @wine_scribbler What an excellent tasting! hand claps all round for opening such a great range of vintages for such stunning wines #ewbc
  Sun Oct 16 17:56:57
Coffee and Painkiller


All that was left was a final summing up on the coach trip back to Brescia . .

 @spaswinefood #ewbc a perfect day wine tasting in Alto Adige
 Sun Oct 16 19:49:57

[email protected] Love the fact we had our own wifi guy with us today to keep us connected everywhere #ewbc
 Sun Oct 16 20:16:46





We were the guests of Tramin and Terlan. Judith Unterholzner was our gracious guide/tour manager for the day.

Many thanks to all the authors of the tweets, namely:















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    • Ruth

      I am wondering if you guys actually talked or just tweeted? Sounds like a good time was had by all.

      • Heh heh. I’ve actually pruned the tweets quite a bit too! But no, it was an amazing day, amazing wines, stunning scenery and weather, and the lunch was pretty fabulous too.

        I worried about whether this post would somehow trivialise the quality and provenance of the wines, the region, the cuisine and the hospitality. But I think they speak for themselves, through the twitter-chatter.

        • I’m, for one, am thankful for some judicious pruning… (and the last pic tells its own little story)

          • Doesn’t it just. Not so much a story, more a salutary lesson!


      It was indeed an excellent day’s visiting and tasting. One of the best memories of #EWBC2011! Huge thanks to all who organised.

    • Wonderful way to capture it 🙂

      • Thanks Robert! Somebody needs to write an app that makes this quick and easy. It’s taken well over 8 hours of editing and tweaking, as none of the historical tweet apps give you output in any usable or aesthetically pleasing format.

        • Andrew Barrow

          I was going to say that must have taken you an age to compile; but so glad you did – brought back some great memories (had totally forgotten the hilarious double entendres!)

    • Great tweet post!!

    • WendyCW

      Great post! Brought back perfect memories from this trip.

    • I’m hugely pissed off to discover that twapperkeeper (which is what I used to collate all the tweets from this day) has now been subsumed into HootSuite (as a premium paid option), and thus my link in this post is now no longer available. I’ll be on the lookout for a better option!

    • Hi! great post.

      Just wanted to let you know about storify : It’s quick and easy to put tweets together and you can then export to your blog.

      Well, I tried it 2 times. First, it went really ok and I was able to put all my Vinisud tasting notes via tweet a wine to storify and then export it to my blog : yet last time I tried to export all the tweets during a #picsaintloup event, storify got overloaded and I wasn’t able to export correctly. I guess you need to split the article then (?)
      sorry I blog mainly in French)
      Well, I guess you just need to give it a go and see if it fits your needs!

      • Thanks Audrey, I will definitely check this out! It might have saved me a lot of time, although you can see there were quite a few tweets to deal with. I like the formatting on your vinisud post, a lot nicer than what I’ve achieved here.

        French is a good language for me (German to a lesser degree, Spanish and Italian almost non-existent)

        Thanks for the tip!

        • you’re welcome! bonne soirée 🙂

          • I checked storify and there’s one glaring omission – it doesn’t seem to do twitter history. The advantage of twapperkeeper was you could search back months and months. The search continues!

    • Great post Simon! Sounds like you all had a good time. I was about to echo the same words as Audrey, Storify is really great for telling social stories. I have just posted Majestic’s first storify about Vintae and their Matsu wines >
      You can embed it into blogs as well.


      • I’m definitely going to check it out – but see my response to Audrey, a major failing it has is not being able to go back in time very far. So if, like me, you take a while to get around to writing things up, this is a problem.

        I love the Vintae story though – very well presented (and I will have to check out the wines!)

        • Yeah it’s one of those things you have to do in the moment, or after a couple of days otherwise there’s too much twitter noise to find all the tweets you want!

    • Hi Simon!

      Really great post. Great idea for capturing moment and giving story from all crew members. Inspiring indeed.