Simon in Feuersteig vineyards, Leithaberg, Eisenstadt

I’m an English wine and food writer, currently based in Amsterdam. I write mostly, but not exclusively about organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

Wine has been my passion for the last 15 years. Originally I just drunk the stuff, then started studying, and finally got the urge to communicate. My writing career began in 2011 with this blog. I’m currently a columnist for palatepress.com and timatkin.com, and contribute regularly to Decanter magazine.

This site is a love letter to great wine and wine making. 95% of wine on the market is a mass-produced commodity. But it’s the other 5%, made by passionate individuals who value quality and craft, that makes wine endlessly fascinating and fun to write about. I celebrate these winemakers wherever I find them, and hope that you will be encouraged to try their wines.

In general I don’t review mass-market wines of the sort that line major supermarket shelves. Plenty of other writers and bloggers do, but it’s not what fuels me. If your ambition doesn’t yet stretch beyond the bargains and BOGOFS at your local megastore, so be it – but I hope I can seduce you into trading up, or better yet, seeking out your local independent wine merchant. Don’t have a local independent wine merchant? Well, you could always open one!

Is this blog just about Bordeaux then?

Well, fairly obviously, no. The very first entry in this blog was claret-related, and written for a competition held by Fine and Rare wines. I didn’t win, but at least it got me started. The title merely reflects my first love in wine and warped sense of humour. Sorry about that.

Awards and commendations

Best editorial/opinion wine writing in the 2015 Born Digital Awards.

Shortlisted for the Roederer International wine writing “Emerging wine writer” award 2013

This piece for Palate Press was awarded Best Post by the Etna DOC Consorzio, at the 2012 EWBC Digital Wine Conference.

Scoring, disclosure & other site policies

I rarely score wines, so if you really want to know what I think you’ll have to wade through the article! This excellent blog post from Sarah Abbott MW helps to explain why. I don’t accept payment for any reviews or content published on this site, and where samples or hospitality were provided, I mention this at the bottom of the article. Also, with apologies to all those who have emailed me, I do not accept advertising or guest posts at the moment.

If you want to know more about me, read this interview by Wink Lorch, which first appeared in CWW quarterly.

Copyright information

All content on this website is © Simon Woolf unless otherwise stated. Please contact me if you wish to use a photograph or reproduce any of my writing.

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