Great places to buy wine: Dvine Cellars

Something rather wonderful is happening with wine retailing in the UK. It didn’t begin well: Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen virtually all our mainstream wine merchants go bust – something catalogued by Tim Atkin in his recent article “The Fall of the British Wine Empire“. It’s been goodbye Unwins and Peter Dominic, adieu […]

Market Row Wines – no more Gallo’s Creek for Brixton!

It could be seen as a sign of encroaching gentrification: as of May 2012, Brixton has its first ever independent¬†wine shop, Market Row Wines. I don’t see it that way – sure, Brixton may be changing, but the regeneration of the covered markets (originally kicked off by the flawed but brilliantly successful spacemakers project) has […]

A very sparkling bottom

To some, the idea of English wine is a bit of a joke, wrongly associated with those sickly sweet concoctions labelled as “British Wine”. It’s an unfortunate and confusing quirk of our labelling laws that “British Wine” is made from imported grape must, which often has sugar and other additives thrown in. English wine, however, […]

Lunch at Brixton Cornercopia (Obscure white grapes, Part 2)

Brixton Village used to be a forgotten corner of the market, depopulated and unloved, until 18 months ago when the spacemakers project started persuading artists, philosophers, foodies and other madmen into the once empty units. Fast forward to March 2011, and it’s crammed full of interesting new eateries and shops, and in danger of becoming […]