Alves de Sousa Pessoal 2006 – or “when is an orange wine not an orange wine?”

Definitions are tricky things – often cumbersome, frequently inconvenient, sometimes merely hard to pin down. By way of example, I’m slowly refining my personal reference point for what constitutes orange wine and what doesn’t – particularly fraught, as there’s nothing in the way of a legal definition, and indeed the term was coined as recently as 2004, by wine importer David Harvey.

Delicacy of a bygone age: Tasting Colheita Ports in Lisbon

What do you associate with Christmas? As far as drinks go, it may be the only time of year when some uncork a sherry or a port. And if it’s port, we Brits seem to have an overriding obsession with the crusted styles – that is, bottle-aged ports, either true “Vintage” or late bottled vintage […]