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Paola Riccio from Alepa
7 minute read

Italy’s new wave of natural wine fairs

If like me you have a deep-seated passion for all things amber-hued, and consecrated to the Great Mother of Unholy Macerations, you surely know of the major natural wine fairs in Italy and you may have been a more or Read more

Overnoy - Pupillin (Photo courtesy Georges Le Gastronome)
4 minute read

Hashtag unicorn wines

Hannah rails against the dislikeable trend of bragging about #unicorn wines on social media

11 minute read

Simply Portuguese – Simplesmente Vinho 2018

Anyone who thinks Portugal is just about fortified wine and heavy, oaky reds should get themselves over to Simplesmente Vinho, an alternative wine fair held in Porto at the end of February. It’s one the best and most inspiring celebrations Read more

5 minute read

Natural wine, acid punk and all that jazz

  In November The Guardian published an 1800-odd word article about natural wine of which approximately zero said anything new. Not that it had to. A piece called “The cult of natural wine – ‘this is like punk or acid Read more

Soviet era tanks at Schuchmann winery, Kakheti - May 2017 - Photo Simon Woolf
14 minute read

The real story behind Georgian wine

A shorter version of this article was published in Meininger Wine Business International Issue 4, 2017. Georgia’s ancient wine culture is undoubtedly marketing gold, with taglines such as “8,000 vintages”, “The cradle of wine” and “525 indigenous varieties”. Together with Read more

5 minute read

Six Georgian wines to get you through Christmas

Christmas means different things to everyone but to me it means dodging career talks and getting new pyjamas. It doesn’t stop there – There is much, much more not to like. To pick but a few from the Grinch’s hat: Read more

6 minute read

Molto Forte biodynamics, mezzo-forte wine

Wineries can soak up a lot of money – as per the popular industry joke “How do you make a million in wine? Answer: Start with two million”. The landscape is littered with vinous vanity projects created by wealthy industrialists, Read more